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Managing director
+36 20 940 2185

I have been managing multinational Facility Management companies in the past two decades in the CEE region and then in Hungary. Facility Management processes and experience gained in US and Western European multinational corporate environments have been transferred to Facility Concept Kft.

In the past years, information technology associated with properties has become an integral part of my work and our services. I have been working as the leader of the Proptech working group, called IVSZ ptoptech since 2018, and as a professional/content consultant at proptech conferences.

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Member of Board
+36 30 234 3749

After graduating with a degree in Building Services Engineering, I worked in many areas of the profession after university. I have gained commercial, design and construction experience at German market-leading multinationals as well as in a family design office.

After obtaining my degree in Economics, we started our own business; following its success, other companies were established.

I also trust the success of Facility Concept.

Langbein Valentin vezetőségi tag


Member of Board
+36 20 962 8624

I managed a Hungarian-owned company representing multinationals between 2000 and 2010. I launched an energy business in 2010, as a result of which I and my partner established GeoConcept Energetikai Kft. in 2012, which I have been managing ever since. Its primary activities are the design, implementation and operation of energy, primarily heat pump, systems. The companies associated with GeoConcept Kft. are very active in the field of industrial cooling and heating technology and are engaged in extensive national repair service activities in this field. Based on the above knowledge and experience, we have started Facility Concept Kft. in order to carry out comprehensive building operation tasks in addition to mechanical maintenance and energy development.