Facility Management

We offer a number of solutions to our partners in the field of building operation. We are engaged in the complete technical and infrastructure operation of commercial properties, office buildings, industrial facilities and blocks of freehold flats.
As part of preventive building maintenance, we perform the regular daily technical inspection of the facility and, at appropriate intervals, the maintenance of mechanical and power and low current equipment. These instances of preventive maintenance ensure that the systems operate in a stable way, with optimum efficiency and that energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. The aim of our work is to maximize the comfort and safety of users and tenants in the short and long term:

  • Technical operation: engineering and technical activities, preventive maintenance and occasional repair of defects;
  • Cleaning: interior and exterior, façade and garage cleaning;
  • Gardening: regular and periodic landscaping;
  • Security services: security guard and receptionist service.

Repair and occasional work during property operation:

In addition to the complex activities of operation, with our express repair service staff, we can quickly and efficiently solve problems that may arise in the property, such as the repair of mechanical equipment, the repair of electrical low current and power equipment, and the repair of water, sewage and heating/cooling networks.

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Due diligence ‒ operation of energy systems and facilities

We recommend it to those who…

  • buy or sell a building;
  • move to a new building as a tenant;
  • want to check the quality of existing operation;
  • want to inspect a system before the refurbishment of energy systems;
  • want to reduce their high energy consumption.

Our services include…

  • the inspection of the technical systems of buildings ‒ condition and setting;
  • examination of the documentation associated with the systems of the building;
  • assessment of compliance with the rules and regulations;
  • review of the contracts associated with operation and operating cost analysis;
  • preparing comprehensive due diligence reports, which contain the deficiencies identified and proposals for their solution.

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Project management

Services of our division engaged in the project management of office construction and minor and major refurbishment works:

  • Organization of CAPEX and OPEX tasks related to the property that we operate, including reconstruction, construction, renovation and repair
  • Comprehensive planning and technical administration of works
  • Optimization of energy use, audit of mechanical systems and proposals for modernization

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Technology consulting ‒ Proptech consultation

In the knowledge of Information Technology solutions related to the entire property market value chain, we compile a technology solution package for our clients, with which the services of the property owned or managed by our clients can meet their current and future needs.

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