Our company provides comprehensive operational services for commercial, industrial and residential properties – FACILITY | MANAGEMENT

The founders of Facility Concept Kft. have many years of experience in building operations in Hungary and the region. As a result, the building operation processes developed by us have been created based on the experience gained from several decades of successful operation of leading office buildings, bank headquarters and other commercial properties in the region.

Our main goal from the outset was to integrate the experience and knowledge of our building engineering business, Geo Concept Kft., with proven achievements in several market areas into the services of Facility Concept Kft. This integration has allowed us to build a company that possesses the engineering know-how and experience necessary for quality project management. Furthermore, as a member of the Concept Group, we have access to a broad technical background, enabling us to provide our partners with comprehensive services in the fields of mechanical engineering and energetics as well.

Facility management

  • Comprehensive property management services – technical operations, cleaning, asset protection
  • Owner-oriented approach, tenant satisfaction
  • Preparing a comprehensive snag list during the warranty period – if requested, addressing the issues within our own scope
  • Our goal: a defect-free building at the end of the warranty period
  • Ensuring continuous, uninterrupted operation of the properties we manage through a 24-hour emergency service
  • Creating easily understandable reports and facility management reports containing full-service tasks.

Supporting the owner during the property handover process

  • Operational support during the snagging process
  • Verification of handover documentation
  • Having local knowledge from the moment of handover

Technical and building operation due diligence of the property

  • Comprehensive facility management audit
  • Energy audit

Energy management

  • Acquisition of favourable cost prices from the public utilities;
  • Optimization of energy use by the property.

Facility management consultancy starting from the design phase of the building

  • Security – development of property protection concepts, minimising the number of security guards;
  • Comfort – devising the current and future usage requirements and services of the building;
  • Efficiency – determining the level of intelligence of the building and ensuring that the investment can meet future needs;
  • Energy – reviewing the cooling and heating systems in both newly designed and existing buildings, and developing concept proposals;
  • Alternative sources of energy – comprehensive knowledge of geothermal and soil heat exchanger heat pump systems.

Digital facility management – error reporting and building monitoring systems

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. The digital solutions are enabling us to continuously monitor the needs, thereby optimising the services for the property and its users. This leads to an ongoing enhancement of the quality level in facility management.

  • Transparent and measurable customised services for our contracted partners;
  • Clear tracking of reported needs, issues, and suggestions from the owner and tenant sides, leading to their resolution;
  • Acceptance or rejection of solutions
  • Compilation of individual statistics based on accumulated reports and optimization of services to meet specific needs.