Our company provides comprehensive operational services for commercial, industrial and residential properties – FACILITY | MANAGEMENT

The founders of Facility Concept Kft. have many years of experience in building operation in Hungary and the region. In this way, we have developed our building operation processes based on the experience accumulated over several decades of successful operation of leading office buildings, bank headquarters and other commercial properties in the region.

At the time of our establishment, our main goal was to also integrate the experience and knowledge of our building engineering business with proven achievements in several market areas, Geo Concept Kft., into the services of Facility Concept Kft. So we have built a company that has the engineering know-how and experience needed for quality project management.

As a result, Facility Concept Kft. provides reliable, outstanding services in the field of building operation.

We help development projects with property operational consulting already in the design phase of the facility:

  • Security – devising a property protection concept, minimization of the number of security guards;
  • Comfort – devising the current and future level of requirements for use and services of the building;
  • Efficiency – determining the level of intelligence of the building, the project should also be able to meet the needs of the future;
  • Energy – it is one of the strengths of our company; it includes the review of the cooling and heating systems of the building being designed or the existing building, preparation of concept proposals;
  • Alternative sources of energy – comprehensive knowledge of geothermal, soil heat exchanger heat pump systems and solar systems.

In the property delivery and acceptance process, we support the owner with active participation in the technical and building operation due diligence of the property.

We prepare a comprehensive list of defects during the express warranty period ‒ if required, we will repair the defects within our own competence.
Our goal is to have a defect-free building at the expiry of the express warranty period
Energy management:

  • acquisition of favourable cost prices from the public utilities;
  • optimization of energy use by the property.

Online building operation ‒ defect reporting system ‒ Transparent and measurable individual services for our contracted partners:

  • transparent tracking of claims, defects and proposals for solving problems, which are reported by the owners and tenants;
  • accepting and rejecting the solution;
  • creating custom statistics on the collected reports and optimizing the service for individual needs.

What is not measurable cannot be improved either. The online approach enables us to continuously measure demand and processes, thereby optimizing the services for the property and the users, which in turn results in the continuous improvement of the quality of the solution.

A 24-hour express repair service ensures the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the properties that we operate.

Easy-to-understand reports with complete service tasks, property management reports

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